Our Treatments

Traditional Thai Massage

imagesCA8FM0Z5.jpg - largeThai Massage is an extraordinary method of aligning the energies of the body, and consists of a series of interactive, flowing movements, stretches and rhythmic massage, along all the body energy lines and pressure points.


The often deeply meditative experience can result in a profound release healing and relaxing experience which combines acupressure, gentle stretching and applied yoga.


It is a meditative experience, extremely effective in relaxing stiff joint, releasing muscular tension and congested toxins. Thai Traditional Massage is a deeply healing and relaxing experience which combines acupressure, gentle stretching and applied yoga.



Aromatherapy Oil Massage

1316161533188[1].jpg - largeAs a holistic treatment, aromatherapy can have a profound effect on physical and psychological wellbeing, There exists the belief that scent as the most enduring of our senses, has the power to transform our emotions  and heal our bodies.


It is a massage with herbal oils applied in an amazing flowing massage putting you in a deep state of relaxation.


This massage helps to relieve stress, muscle pain and leaves the emotional state of the mind in peace.



Thai Oil Massage

96796_1295812432052[1].jpg - largeAn outstanding massage that combine the techniques of both Traditional Thai Massage and Oil Massage wjich works on the deeper tissues of the body. Focussing on the energy lines (sen) and acupressure points it tends to trigger the body's self healing. This combination will leave you feeling renewed and restored to your body's own natural rhythm.


Thai Oil Massage will totally relax your body and make you feel re-energised. It is great for treating muscle tension and many other body ailments such any stiffness or pain you may have in your back, neck and shoulder or the rest of your body.



Foot Reflexology

imagesCA2L04IU.jpg - largeFoot Reflexology works on the principle that there are points on the foot that correspond to every part, gland, and organ in the body.


By applying pressure to these points, tension is relieved in a corresponding body part so the body can return to its normal balanced state. The basic idea behind reflexology is that by applying pressure to a certain point of the foot a positive change in the corresponding part of the body is often felt.


This will often lead to feelings of improved wellbeing and renewed energy.



Head, Neck, Shoulders & Back Massage

Massage-in-Dubai-for-Ladies-3.jpg - largeThis is called our anti-stress massage. The neck and the back are the most common areas of the body that are prone to stiffness and accumulated tension. Continuous build up of stress and tension in the neck and shoulder region lead to stiff necks, aching shoulders and headaches. This massage is perfect for those that are looking for a quick relief from pain due to stress or tension.This will create an overall feeling of relaxation with the release of tension and stress.